Nova Sergipe is a company acting in the Brazilian real estate market, especially in the northern area. The project consisted in developing all the basic visual identity, the website and custom-made illustrations for a wall-panel - besides internal reports, processes and manuals.

The icon was inspired by Sagmeister & Welch's Casa da Música, working the perception of the lines within the map of Sergipe - where the company's main projects are. The result is a dynamic brand that grows as new projects are been built, expanding alongside the firm.

This project was made in a partnership with the design company dznhando ideas.
Insight from the map to the actual symbol form.

Brand construction.
Brand studies in outline, negative, positve and over texture versions.
Complete vertical variation - including personal and institutional information.
Complete horizontal variation - including personal and institutional information.
Printed business card.
Example of printed material, such as business card, letterhead, folder and cover for archieves.
Website interface.
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