Event's logotype (INE 2015 - Intense Nerd Experience). Credits to Andrew Hart for the typography.
This ARG (Alternate Reality Game) was designed to a group of circa 25 participants for a horror-themed geek party (INE: Intense Nerd Experience). The players had to discover how to escape a possessed manor through clues and challenges scattered through the environment.

Besides the puzzles and content design, all the materials were made exclusively for the game, including the graphic prototypes (made in Photoshop and later printed and attached to thick cardboards) and handmade letters. Some objects (such as books and boxes) were purchased to help increasing immersion. The party's logotype as well as the achievements (small rewards for the participants) were also part of the project.

R. Klafke: concept, puzzles, graphic design, prototypes and puppet-master
T. Kurebayashi: concept, puzzles, textual content and puppet-master
B. Fasanaro: concept, research, puzzles, prototypes and puppet-master
Some achievements' artwork made for the party.
Set of props, containing one Ouija board (printed and attached to cardboard), Ouija's planchette (printed, attached to cardboards and sanded and painted on the edges), five rounded puzzles with printed name tags (printed, attached to cardboards and sanded on the edges), torned diaries (pollen papier stained with coffee and handwriting), printed instructions on textured paper, letter sealed with sealed with wax, puzzle box and book (both were bought) and game inventory (printed and attached to cardboard; players were provided with printed stickers as well).
Detail of letter sealed with wax. Credits to B. Fasanaro for the seal.
Detail of puzzle box, boox and handmade letter.
Detail of the five rounded puzzles.
More details of the rounded puzzles.
Detail of the Ouija's planchette with the event's logotype.
Details of the Ouija board.
Detail of letter with handmade clues in UV ink.
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