The Innovation Center of Vila Nova Esperança (CI-VNE) is a partnership between the company Caos Focado and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to promove innovation processes among a low income community - the Vila Nova Esperança. The central idea is to build a small maker space that provides classes and the necessary infrastructure to solve local problems with the available materials that can be found on the surroundings.

The brand of the Center had to be flexible and easy to reproduce - even without the conventional printing processes, more expansive than the community could afford. Then it was designed a logotype that presents a sharp non-serif typography, which could be easily cut with a small blade. It also has plenty of solid surfaces to reflect the materials that could be used to stamp. It was also flexible enough to change it's configuration acording to the community's needs, due to its modular (square) nature.
Modular grid to alocate the main letters with signature. Below, different forms that the logotype could assume.
Stamping process using gouache and foam. The texture of the material gives personality and is a part of the brand.
First experiments of the brand applied with the children's drawings.
Artwork for official uniform.
Co-work with one of the attendees to create a T-shirt for the center. The process involved cutting the letters in foam, applying fabric paint over the tiles and stamping them on the T-shirt. The attendee also gave herself liberty to create details over the brand, adding cuts and knitting lines.
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